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Oxygenator Water Technologies (OWT), a Minnesota based company, has engineered a "green" revolutionary technology platform called the Dissolved Oxygen Generator (D.O.G.). Products utilizing OWT's patented technology can quickly saturate water with oxygen by generating millions of micro and nano sized bubbles containing 100% oxygen - created from the water itself.

Our technology creates highly oxygenated water in real-time without the use of air injectors of chemicals, and requires only a small amount of low-voltage electricity.

This innovative technology and intellectual property has broad application across multiple industries. OWT is currently pursuing market application opportunities via licensing agreements with industry leading companies.


Our mission is to engineer and develop “green”, innovative water technologies using our patented oxygenator platform. We will aggressively advance and market our technology through strategic partnerships and collaborative licensing agreements.


We will incorporate our unique technology in a multitude of products and across a broad range of sectors. We will become the solutions leader in “green” water technology, powering partner products around the World.